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SHINE Postcard
You are so Loved Postcard 3
Loyal Friend Postcard
I Love You, Man Postcard

this side of Heaven co. 

let LOVE be your legacy. 

give. grow. gratitude. 

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small handwritten cards with BIG impact

For every

purchase order, we will donate a card and send to a local nurse helping to fight COVID-19.


new designs.

2020 More than Enough
Bloom Bright
Freaking Resilient Rounded
You are Significant Rounded


Ana Yazdi Testimonial.jpg


I love these postcards so much. I bought a stack so I can randomly send them to people I love. It's such a personal and powerful way to express love for someone, especially in this digital age. And I love the story behind them!


These cards are so perfect right now! This shop makes it easy to connect with friends and let them know you care and they aren't alone! I love this concept and the friends I have sent the cards to loved them!


These cards are beautiful! Such a wonderful way to share LOVE & spread kindness with all the special people in your life!


These postcards are even more beautiful in real life. The colors are vibrant and the paper quality top notch. I purchased the variety pack and the people that I have given them out to have all commented on how beautiful the cards are. Then, I tell them the story behind the cards, which is even more beautiful. Throw them in a frame and they would be really nice wall art, too.

Make NOW the time to say I love you. 

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